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Oasis 1.2T MRI system sets a high standard for patient-centric care. A unique achievement in high-performance imaging, the Oasis truly open architecture features advanced magnet design, Zenith RF Technology and robust clinical capabilities to achieve high throughput diagnostic performance.

With an unobstructed viewing angle and the industry’s most accommodating patient table, no other MRI system enables you to capture and retain as broad of a patient demographic as Oasis. Even the most challenging patients can be handled with confidence, without compromising on safety, performance, or efficiency.

Offering unmatched patient comfort, rapid workflow, the latest clinical capabilities, and a 99% uptime guarantee, Oasis 1.2T completes your MRI portfolio ensuring all patient referrals can be handled with the best diagnostic results available.

Advanced Features



Hitachi’s SynergyDrive is the latest in complete efficiency and workflow engines to ensure the fastest patient throughput, best patient comfort and highest quality imaging.



OASIS supports up to 660 lb patients on an 82 cm wide table. A true open design, patients have a 270 degree unobstructed view for maximum comfort.



T2 RelaxMap provides for quantification of actual T2 values displayed in a color overlay that depicts subtle tissue properties and anomalies. Ideal for orthopedic studies and the depiction of articular cartilage.



VASC-ASL enables excellent depictions of vasculature without a contrast agent. An MRA alternative for patients with compromised renal function in renal artery and portal vein imaging.


High Homogeneity

HOAST (Higher Order Active Shimming Technology) enables exquisite RF fat saturation and excellent large FOV fat suppression in all planes with two levels of shimming.

Zenith System RF Coils
Zenith System RF Coils

A powerful combination of multi-channel RF technology and Hitachi exclusive Zenith RF coils, Zenith drives excellent image quality, seamless workflow, wide clinical capability and optimized patient comfort.


Motion Compensation
Motion Compensation

Industry-leading RADAR radial scan, motion compensating technique can be applied to most sequences and all body parts including Hitachi exclusive TOF acquisitions.


An alternative to fat saturation for robust fat suppression particularly useful when tissue susceptibility, magnetic field in-homogeneity or administration of contrast agents complicate other fat suppression methods.

Naugatuck Valley Radiology Associates

MRI upgrade helps small-town practice see significant improvements in quality, productivity

Practically overnight, installing the Oasis made a colossal difference for both NVRA’s specialists and the patients they serve.

Parkview Medical Center

Open Scanner, Comfortable Patient

Talk to the technologist in order to find out how Parkview Medical Center in Pueblo, Colo., is making out with the Hitachi Oasis Open High-Field 1.2T system it installed in its 350-bed main hospital.

St. Anne Mercy

Getting its volume and keeping its value, too

With the investment in Hitachi Oasis technology, St. Anne is showing that investing in the right technology can go a long way.


How High Field Open MRI Can Help You Keep Patients and Revenues

Revenue leakage has turned into patient “keepage,” as Integrated Health Networks—forged through mergers and acquisitions—work to keep patients in their broadened health systems. A central tenet is patient satisfaction. With this, maintaining quality has become more challenging. Nowhere is this more apparent than in MR imaging.

Sanford Health

Breast MRI Opens Access to High Risk Population

Over the past decade, breast MRI has emerged as a more sensitive modality (85.7% sensitivity compared to 50% for mammography) for evaluation of the breast, demonstrating the ability to detect lesions missed on prior imaging studies.

Desert Medical Imaging

Multiparametric MRI of Prostate Cancer

MRI is clinically accepted as the best imaging modality for displaying anatomical details of the prostate, and has been a valuable diagnostic tool for aiding the detection and localization of prostate cancer.


Discover Solutions

Hitachi's Medical Imaging portfolio includes MR, CT, Ultrasound and Digital Radiography


Oasis Overview Brochure

The Oasis 1.2T MRI system sets a high standard for patient-centric care.


Oasis Clinical Capabilities

The only available high-field open architecture MRI, Oasis delivers outstanding patient comfort and convenience benefits for even your most challenging patients.


Metal Artifact Suppression

Hitachi provides two proven methods that allow successful imaging in the presence of metallic implants.


Oasis Zenith RF Technology

Oasis Zenith RF Technology places volume coil elements around the patient to totally enclose the anatomy. This configuration optimizes the capture of available signal compared to surface coils in a horizontal field.


How High Field Open MRI Suits Your Patients and You

UH scans patients of all shapes and sizes and was losing patients because of the traditional MRI wasn't a good fit. UH purchased a Hitachi Oasis Open MRI and hasn't looked back. They are able to generate high quality images while imaging a full spectrum of patients.


Keeping Patients: How High Field Open MRI Can Help

University Hospital was losing imaging patients when patients couldn't fit into the conventional MRI. They decided to purchase the Hitachi Oasis 1.2T Open MRI. Oasis delivers high quality images and handles routine scans as well as claustrophobic patients.


High Field Open MRI: Clinical Excellence, Patient Comfort

University Hospital performs 1000s of MRI each year. Patients that can't be scanned in traditional scanners choose the Hitachi Oasis High Field Open MRI. UH uses the Open MRI for general scanning as well as claustrophobic and anxious patients.


MRI Acronym Guide

Universal sequence and application names


Perspectives: The Value Of High-Field Open MRI

Perspectives provides extensive information on the Hitachi Oasis 1.2T system, which provides cost-effective and high-quality imaging.

White Paper

Clinical Case Report: Prostate Cancer Detection on 1.2T Open Oasis MRI System

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